IWTO is a non-profit association which was legally recognised in the United States of America in 2001 by the American IWF union--the International Wine Federation, created in Sacramento, California in 1964, and the French  [International Organisation of Wine Tasters], created in Saintes, Charente in 1961.

IWF organised world competitions for tasters between 1968 and 2000 before winding down to become part of the IWTO.

IWTO, after an organisational pause, began to organise once again the wine tasting competitions for sommeliers in 2009 in Paris. The next world competition will be in Italy in 2103.

The company and statutory aim is to gather together a world class level of all wine tasters to promote wine culture and oeno-gastronomy through conferences, competitions, and meetings, mainly to organise professional training courses at a basic level but also for professionals. Currently, IWTO operates in 29 countries and on all continents. 

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